I am committed to providing you with the best products and
level of service so that you can look and feel your best!




Men $32

We will start with your cut and finish with a shampoo and style. You will leave feeling current and ready to face what comes your way.

Women $46

After discussing your preferred look, we will shampoo, cut and style you and send you on your way feeling fresh and fabulous.

Children $27

Just a little bit smaller version of each of the above.

Refresh $15

Consider this a quick fix for in-between regular appointments. Neck/bangs are cleaned up and any excess weight is removed. This is a service for existing clients.


Color Retouch $70

Color applied at the roots to match pre-existing all over color.

All Over Color $85

If you want to go darker or just even things out, choose this. A great option for sun-bleached ends, after a beach vacation or in the fall. This is not for going lighter on natural or previously colored hair.

Partial Highlight $65

A few strategically placed lighter pieces around your face and through your part. Great if you want to camouflage gray or make it look like you just enjoyed some time at the beach.

Full Highlight $100

A lot more lightness and brightness. Choose this if you want more of a blonde look without the maintenance of a solid line of color growing out.

Color + Highlights $120

The perfect pairing. All over color is applied and highlights are also added for depth and dimension.

Balayage $120

A freehand highlighting technique creates natural looking highlights with no “band” of color. It is a very low maintenance option because the highlights do not go all the way to the scalp. This is a “sun-kissed” look that gives beautiful dimension and beach vibes.

Ombre $150

Color is gradually blended from roots to ends, typically darker to lighter. A more dramatic look than balayage.

Glazing or Toning $30

Used to add shine and balance out unwanted tones of warmth in the hair. Also works as a topcoat for the hair to help your color look richer and last longer.

Corrective Color requires a service consultation. If you need help correcting box color or a previously done bad color service, please schedule this time to go over your desired results and the best strategy for achieving them. Estimate will be given at that time.


deep condition $20

A mask for extra moisture or protein is applied after the shampoo. Great for restoring shine and luster to overworked and damaged hair.

Seasonal Treatment $30

All four seasons provide different challenges for our hair. A specialized conditioning treatment to counter the elements your hair is exposed to at different times of the year.

Detox Treatment $40

A refreshing treatment to strip away chemicals and heavy product use and create a blank canvas to improve the integrity of your hair and the way your products perform. This is a deep clean for your hair and a replacement of lost moisture or protein.


Express Smoothing Treatment $75

Adds smoothness to curly or wavy hair and provides longevity to straightened styles. These results typically last for 4 to 6 weeks. Discount taken when added to another service such as cut or color.

Deluxe Smoothing Treatment $200

A more intense version of the Express treatment offering results that last up to 6 months. Great for the beginning of summer when humidity is higher and more of your time is spent outdoors.

Partial Perm $60

This adds volume and height or can even out texture when different areas of your hair lack consistency.

Perm $90 *This service requires a consultation for new clients.

Bouncy curls or easy waves, this service adds what mother nature didn’t. Used simply to add texture or provide a better foundation for your style, this is a helpful option to enhance certain looks and lifestyles.


Style 1 $28

Hair is shampooed and blown out for volume or smoothness.

Style 2 $48

Above with Hot tools/Styling

Style 3 $75

Think Prom, Special Events or Bridesmaid Hair. This includes any braiding, pinwork and updo styles.


Style for your special day(includes separate practice session)  $110


Eyebrow  $15
Lip  $10
Chin  $10


Hands $15

A treatment that uses warm oil-based wax to provide pain relief to hands. The natural emollient helps make skin supple and soft by adding moisture and continues to boost the moisture levels of the skin after the treatment is complete.